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DSP plugin stop functioning on wma and ogg files

Winamp 5.03 is bypassing the dsp plugins(i use Izotope Ozone 1.0.2 or DFX 6.4) when playing wma or ogg files

In my experience, the file formats that processed by dsp plugins when playing them are only mp3 and ape(lossless).

This oddity forces me to use Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 again.

This bug definitely must be fixed, then it is

My System conf:
- Epox 8rda+ mobo
- 512mb ddr pc2700
- Athlon XP2400+ cpu
- Ati 9600xp 128mb VGA
- 80gb hdd
- Windows XP Pro sp1 OS

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

Can't reproduce.
The only DSP plugin I've got is the included SPS,
and it works fine for both wma and ogg here
(though I'm not sure about drm-protected wma crap).

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