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Minor JTFE Bug

Winamp 5.03 [2004-03-24]
Jump To File Extra v0.94te
Windows XP Professional
AMD Duron 1300MHz, 1024MB RAM, GeForce2Ti, Hercules Game Theater XP

Bug info:
This bug is reproducable.
This bug does not lead to a crash.
This bug does not produce an error message.

Bug description:
Add three files to your playlist:
  • A
  • B
  • A
with the two files named "A" above being the same file (i.e. same drive, path, file name).
Play song "B" and enqueue the song "A" that is located below song "B". After song "B" has finished playing, the JTFE plugin will play the song "A" that is located above song "B". This behavior is wrong and is obviously caused by the fact that physically identical files are added to a play list more than once. The JTFE plugin seems not to be working with playlist indexes but with filenames instead. Regardless of the number of playlist entries for the same file, the plugin always plays the entry with the lowest index on the playlist.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Can't reproduce this with the latest internal build, using alt+click method.

[Edit --> DrO]
I'm guessing you're adding files via the playlist probably with the use of the 'q' key.

The reason is due to the way that the selected items are found since there's no direct way to get an entries index for the way that 'q' works. So if there are duplicates of the same file then it will use the first one that it can find. Annoying yes but there's not much i can do about it that i can see at the moment (and this has been like this for over 4 months now i think)
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