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Winamp 5.03a Bug Report:

System Info:
Windows XP Professional CZ (Formerly Windows 98 SE CZ)
VIA KT Turbo
Athlon 1.2GHz
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5+1
HDD Western Digital 80GB 7200rpm
DirectX 9.0b

1) 'Enqueue file' command uses the song's playlist index instead of a proper identifier (e.g. index and file name as well). So when you enqueue a song and then change the playlist order (e.g. by deleting a file before the enqueued file), the queue shifts and another song will be played.

2) Winamp does not support CD-Text for audio CD's (it might do . The fields Artist, Album, Year & Genre show nothing or garbage when not using CDDA.

3) Media library does not show CDA tracks on Mixed-mode and Enhanced CD's.

4) From time to time (At least in Windows 98 SE) it happens that the text from internal menus (such as 'Manage Playlists') vanishes. This fault wasn't noticed on Windows XP yet.

5) The key accelerators in menus are not much precise - some items use them, some not, in certain cases one key accelerator coincides with another one (e.g. Main Window/File: 'Play &file' and 'Play &folder').

6) When enabled Repeat and Crossfade functions, and the playlist contains only one very short, file (1 sec or so), the Crossfader iterates and crashes the whole application.

7) The horizontal scrollbar in Media Library is not working properly. When there are so few items listed that the vertical scrollbar is not yet shown, and you enlarge the Media Library window (by dragging its right edge), the horizontal scrollbar vanishes and doesn't reappear when the window is shrunk again. On Windows 98 it even flashed in some cases.

8) In some (?unspecified) cases the column headers in Media Library do not resize smoothly (Maybe when you stretch the rightmost column outside the window, then scroll horizontally to the right border and then drag-resize the rightmost column...)

All bugs and lacks located and described by
KHacKEr_cz|F (
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