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"Title Formatting" Settings are ignored

I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Winamp 5.03 bug reports, or the plugins report. Since the setting is in the plugin Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder, I'm posting in the plugin bug report threat.

I have Winamp 5.03, this bug was present in 5.01, I updated to 5.03 and it is still there. I have not had this problem in 2.9x.

I have searched the forums as well as I could and I am quite surprised that I have not seen this issue from anyone else.

I have an AMD Athlon Thunderbird processor (1.33 GHz) with 512 GB of RAM. I forget my exact mobo (and don't feel like cracking the case to look for it just for a winamp bug), but it is a VIA chipset.

I have Windows 98SE with all updates installed, except the last, very latest security update which won't install 'cause of a bug with WindowsUpdate.

I have an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon card, with the most updated drivers from the ATI site.

I have a Soundblaster Live soundcard. (and I'm sure it's not the problem in this case).

DirectX 9.0b

To reproduce error:
I go to Preferences, Plugins, Input, click on Nullsoft MPEG Decoder 3.0, then click "Configure", click on the Title/Tags tab. I put in the title format I want under Title formatting (when ID3 tag is presnet).

the configuration I'm trying is: %1(%3-%4)-%a:%2

but I've tried others (e.g. %1-%3-%2) and have the same bug regardless.

I click on OK, then close. I clear my playlist, then add files. The files in my play list appear in the format

"artist - song name"

every time, regardless of the "title formatting" setting.

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

Not a bug!
Global Title Formatting overrides individual input plugin title formatting.
Prefs > Titles > Advanced Title Formatting:
Edit or disable accordingly.

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