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Bug Report

Well, I'm not sure whether this belongs here or not since it involves 3rd party plugins, but I don't quite think they're the source of the problem, so here goes...
When I have a lot of input plugins loaded (enough to nearly fill the display box in Preferences when in 1024x768 resolution), I come across a minor problem. When I click "Add files..." and I leave it on the default ("Supported Formats"), items near the bottom of the list of supported formats don't show up in the window where you choose which file(s) to load. So I have to scroll down the list to the specific type for it to show up in the window. And since I can't get WinAmp to default to "All files", I have to scroll down the list every time I want to add files with formats near the bottom of the list. There doesn't seem to be a magic number of input plugins when it does this. It just happens when I load most or all of my input plugins. It doesn't seem to be system-dependent, and it's pointless to give system specs, since I changed all of them during the course of time that this has been happening to me. The only constant has been that I'm using Windows 98SE. This happened with the 2.9x versions of WinAmp, too.

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It's a Windows 256-character limitation in Open Files Dialog.
The only other known cause is a bug in Innover's real audio plugin (in_ra.dll).

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