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Both answers hold a problem:
1) I realize there is a 256 character limit, but I don't think this problem involves that. For instance... when I take out the DirectShow plugin (in_dshow.dll), and put in a couple other plugins (like the divx plugin and a couple others), the MP3's show up in the window just fine, and the DirectShow plugin only adds one category to the supported formats with about 5-6 extensions, while adding the divx plugin with a couple others adds many categories with more than 5-6 extensions. It isn't always the DirectShow plugin either. It depends on what combination of plugins I have.

2) I use Tara's RealAudio plugin (in_tara.dll) because it's 10 times better than Innover's real audio plugin (in_ra.dll). But use of that seems to make no difference either. Besides, the problem isn't the same, because all my input plugins are listed on the list in the Open Files dialog box... it's just that the files themselves that have extensions at the bottom of the list, don't show up in the actual window where you select your files.

What I'd really like to do, is be able to move the in_mp3.dll plugin up the list, but it won't let me. If I remove all the input plugins except that one, run WinAmp, then shut it down, delete the configuration files for WinAmp, then reload the plugins and start WinAmp, the in_mp3.dll plugin is still at the bottom of the list. Every once-in-a-while when I try that, one plugin will be under it in the plugin list (like in_dshow.dll or in_adx.dll). Just being able to move up the mp3 plugin on the list would make me happy, because I could have some plugin at the bottom that I don't really use too much instead.

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Does the problem occur with just the default Winamp input plugins?
We don't support 3rd-party plugins.
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