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You have a point with that. There aren't enough official plugins to test it, though. If I only use them, I can see the MP3's in the window, but my thought was that it may have to do with WinAmp not being able to display the files after a certain amount of plugins, whether they're official or not. But if it really has to do with third party plugins, I'll leave it be. I'll try copying and renaming official plugins to make a lot, load them, and see if the problem persists. But regardless of that problem, I'm still curious why, no matter which plugins I use (even official ones), the Nullsoft MP3 plugin always remains at the bottom (even after I completely uninstall, then reinstall WinAmp without adding any plugins). It didn't do that before, but as far as I know (and that computer doesn't have the internet on it), nothing happened to make the plugin stay at the bottom of the list. Any thoughts?
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