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Originally posted by psyfive
I am very sorry but I had to do this.


Again, I apologize.
No need to apologize ...

I am second generation American and I could not believe it when his father got elected and was pissed when he got elected the first time. Well I gave up totally on his re-election.

He won the election two main ways. 1.) Votes from the stupid religious bible thumpin' radicals. 2.) The contributions and support of BIG business. Examples are Enron type companies, Oil, Electric Power, Tobacco, Pharmicuetical, Gun Companies, etc.

FYI ... his entire family are CROOKS, they have bin involved in OIL Fraud, BANK Fraud, REAL ESTATE Fraud, the list goes on.

He is deaply involved in the ENRON Scandal and his BUDDIES like Chaney are also into BIG Fraudulant Business Deals such as with the CROOKED defense contracts.

religion is the root of ALL evil and bush fooled the religious fanatics into thinking he was "born again" ... that is a laugh in itself!

Don't get me going on this LOL Americans are BRAIN WASHED IDIOTS ... BRAINWASHED by Television, Lack of Good Journalism and Media Damage Control by our presidents press secretaries etc.

Americans believe EVERYTHING they see on TV or in the news papers and suck it up like naive children, especially the most stupid group there is ... the religious fanatics.

I am embaressed for them !

One thing ... bush is not smart enough to be compared to Hitler LOL
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