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Originally posted by Mattress
yet he's smart enough to fool 51% of the voters

he won because john kerry was a shitty candidate
bush won BECAUSE he and his entire family are CROOKS and you people who voted for him are either IGNORANT OR NAIVE OR BOTH

Keep your head buried in the sand and you will continue to be happy with yourself ... you are ALL in denial of his dishonesty and out right proven LIES!

Keep supporting him while the average american continues to suffer more and more each day and we all go down the tubes!

Do you not see how OUT OF TOUCH he is when he was at a town meeting and a teacher told him she had FOUR JOBS just to get by ,,, and he said "isn't that great that she has FOUR jobs ... only in america" he thought that she was happy about having FOUR jobs ... what a BAFFOON !!! no spell check required thank you

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