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Originally posted by Too-DAMN-Much
Duet, you may not realise it, but a man is considered "weird" by his peers for even OWNING more than 2 (two) pairs of shoes
How can a man even get by on two pairs of shoes? Here are the essentials...

1 pair of good sneakers ... for most sports, and for the relaxed parts of your life.
1 pair of bad (old, torn up) sneakers ... for doing especially dirty work which might ruin your favorite sneakers.
1 or more pairs of boots ... e.g., Timberlands or Doc Martens, because a man's gotta have at least one pair of boots.
2 pairs of casual shoes (loafers, dock shoes, etc.) - one black and one brown ... for casual events that you don't want to wear sneakers to. One pair each of black and brown shoes covers most all clothing color combinations a man will wear.
2 pairs of dress shoes - one black and one brown ... because you're not going to wear sneakers or loafers with a business suit, and you're not going to wear brown shoes with your black pin-striped suit.
Optional: 1 or more pair of specialty shoes, depending on a particular hobby the guy has - biking, running, rock climbing, etc.

That's at least seven pairs of shoes needed by the average heterosexual* adult male, and that's if the guy has no hobbies that require special shoes. I've got eight or nine pairs, myself, and that's not anything outrageous. Maybe if a guy had more than a dozen or so pairs of shoes that he actually wore frequently, then that may seem odd to me.

* - Of ones I've known, homosexual males tend to have more shoes than heterosexual males because, in addition to the same types of shoes listed above, they tend to be more "fashion conscious" and therefore have more footwear variations than heterosexual males may consider necessary.

(This seems to diverge from the topic, but it's all related to the effect of men's fashion on shy men's abilities to "get women". Having gotten a few women and owned more than a few pairs of shoes in my life, I just thought I'd share.)

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