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Originally posted by ryan
Sounds like my senior prom all over again (which wasn't too long ago). I went with a girl that I really liked (and still do like). I spent a lot of money (around $400) on the prom all together. It turned out, that when we got there, she had a boyfriend, and she ditched me for most of the night. Which was really weird because she flirted with me the whole time until we got to the prom.
Well that must've sucked eh?

The worst thing that happend to me was: I've gone on a date with this girl and we kissed and the next day I see her with her ex kissing and touching.

Seeing that I asked her what happend to us and she's like are you talking about the kiss beacsue that was just a friendly kiss. Well I doono about you guys but I think that french kiss donesn't go with friendly in any way at all.

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