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I don’t know where you are based in the world? The UK Laws ref Internet streaming is very grey area indeed! I can’t speak for CO.UK guys, as I don’t know what they have in place etc.

At .NET we are licensed through a Media company that claims we can advertise through their commercial servers etc. Their services are similar to Live 365, Loud City etc but based in the UK their web site is

I guessing that if you were to stream to a Live FM station across the world it would have to be on a private SHOUTcast server or another type of server? But as we are Internet station only I’m in the dark like you on this matter.

One thing I could say if you wanted to do this, you could do all the voice over / links and get the remote FM station to play the Music on their side, then you would be covered and no copyrights would be broken. (using your own voice and not recorded media)

I think you would need to talk to a Licensed Media outfit i.e. Live 365, Loud City etc. for the clarifications of the legality you are looking for.

Let me know if I can help you anymore.

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