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QTG, my question was answered by you, which again still not very believeable. From what I understand copyrighted material infringement is laws all around the world.

Also when I made this post it was minutes you had PM'd me in a Defense. Not once did I ever mention your Net site. I speaking of a totally different site that had really nothing to do with you. You came on the post with a flurry in a huge defense.

Yes I do like to inquire information before I do make a claim about anyone thats makes a rather large boast specially with someone with a poorly designed site. It made me wonder about the intergrity. What a better place to ask than the people whos been with Shoutcast longer than I.

Shoutcast servers are worldwide, meaning someone on here would know if its legal or not.

Musicians come from all over the world, even the UK and if thier material is being streamed to FM radio stations in the form of Karaoke, im sure there would be some really pissed off artists, and im sure the laws protect them as well. Maybe I should just write the RIAA or some other affilates and ask this question. Surely thier website is much more intact and thier honest opinion would surfice.

as the private pm your first statement to me was quote qtg "please dont post this pm on the forums" and i did as you asked. but you found it again necessary in some sort of defense to post the conversation. This post wasnt started to start trouble with your net site. I simply asked a question about the uk site.
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