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Yes I understand qtg, its kinda like speaking to a child with you.. you have to get that last post in dont you The last several posts you made was pretty much you begging to close this in a hurry.

anyways .. I see that shortly after this post was made .. hmm all of the sudden that website was brought down fast. Anyways they all got a clue that thier website had more pretty flashy things than Bobby Joe Hanna church dress on a Sunday morning church day and the creator of it had a less mind set than a rock, but of course thats opinated.

and just so you know. Id rather slit my own throat to advertise for either of the websites. Trust me thats not what i was doing here. Im not the person unlike you that was affliated with them, so i know why you are so upset.

So QTG, if you like I will not respond anymore to this post if you can keep your mentally from the I need to make the last post syndrome.
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