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Originally posted by jheriko
Does anyone know if/when the source will be updated?
ni idea since i don't know who has access to the cvs on that/bundle but i'll try to see what can be done. the main issue with non msvc6 compiles is that things can't be optimised as you've pointed out and also it's not a known reliable compile (hence why sticking to building it at least for the moment in an environment which it was designed/created in)

Grandchild: it won't be forgotten since it's already in the internal builds, it was just how the release was pushed before i got a chance to remind the devs to include it - the joys of uk/us time differences and me unfortunately working late on the day of release and i'm sure that it'll be added as a comment in the release notes (was an oversight in the other version when 2.81c appeared - the devs/myself are people at the end of the day and it does happen )

the optimisations jheriko are refering to are build options for speed/size but generally there's little to be noticed even when not running dlls in such a manner without those optimisations from what i've experienced over the years (maybe a few percent if that).

Mattfury: blame me and then blame the nullsoft build machine (since i made a initial build that worked and then was recompiled by nullsoft and then i re-did the build and that's now the one in the pack/next winamp build). still not sure why the nullsoft build failed when that was done with the same project in msvc6 *shrugs*

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