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the first time i was in need for installers, was when i was collecting huge amounts of quake2 maps, models and mods. the most obvious choice back then was winzip sfx, i don't have to mention its limitations. then i stumbled over a free installer (and i forgot its name), which could do a lot more already.

around 2000 i needed installers for my winamp visualizations (avs) and do to the connection with nullsoft i stumbled over pimp/superpimp, which later became nsis. havn't used anything since. nsis allowed me to simple, but very powerful/comfortable setups. just out of fun i started adding more features to my installer, such as controls to configure winamp for the installed avs presets. that time i figured, that nsis could be used for a lot more than only installers, so i used it for small tools such as runwithparameters or clickfont. actually i'm solving a lot of small tasks in nsis now as it has a nice and simple syntax and is much more than a ms batch file. i used it at work to split a comma-seperated table into multiple files.

some irony comes in when i talk about pimpbot. i was not only sick about scripting new installers for all the winamp plugins i did, i was even more sick about seeing others to use winzip sfx and such to distribute their work. so i started on pimpbot, which is a frontend for nsis that is written in nsis itself. it allows anyone to do create equally powerful installers for their winamp avs presets than then one i used already - within a few clicks.

i love nsis!
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