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Originally posted by LuigiHann
I think I'll wait 5 years.

as many others have said, HD-TV's aren't exactly cheap enough to be affordable to everyone yet and neither is blu-ray either, it definetly could have picked a better time to start trying to make itsef a huge name and one in every house kind of thing, bush's war on the economy can't be helping sales of high end electronics, that's for sure.

on the other hand we should consider computer users as well, now i'm willing to bet some of the nicer LCDs do support 1080p, but those are also going to be extremely expensive as well, and as far as i know the price of blu-ray player for a computer (but more so a burner, which i can almost guarantee a lot of people are waiting for to become cheap to add to their computer) is still very overpriced, and prices on a blu-ray burner have been known to make people faint for quite some time with the cheapest i was able to find via a quick search of tiger direct showing a hefty $299 price tag.

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