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I think they might be referring to Windows Media Center, part of the operating system I was unfortunately forced to buy (Vista Home Premium 64). I was going to just use my license for XP x64, but I guess it has extreme limitations as far as drivers and lacks windows movie maker and media player, so Vista, here I come... I hope it's a good thing...

I bought basically the same thing (in terms of hardware) as what you linked to, but for a much lower price, even if I were to add the antenna separately (although no form of TV is available over the air here - not even non-hd). I've already received all my stuff for the box, just not the RAM yet. If I can get it to work with Media Center, that'll be fine, if not, I'll return it and consider the $90 more for what you've linked to.

The card I got has for some strange reason two IR receivers, one large one (called a "USB IR receiver") with a 5' USB cord, and the other smaller one (called a "remote receiver cable) with a 20 foot wire that plugs from the bigger one... Both appear to have what it takes to read what I do with the remote. Strange.

It includes RCA inputs for sound instead of the 1/8", which makes it easier than finding a bunch of converters, and it also came with an included s-video to RCA converter so that normal VCRs, video games, and old camcorders will plug directly in.

I'm hoping that this hardware, it's drivers, and Windows Media Center will do the trick.

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