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Originally posted by swingdjted
Would it be a good idea to just make the system a duel boot with XP 64 as a secondary option (for when I'm just doing office software, browsing, and stuff like that)?

(in before "Linux you dumbass!")

I wouldn't use hardware that's not on this list. That's even if you only use 32 bit. You might want to run 64 bit someday.

At this point, unless you are using apps that are specifically designed to run in 64 bit mode, memory access is the only advantage to running 64. 32 bit can only access 4GB of RAM. I only use 2GB in my machines, so it does nothing except create compatibility problems. Using Vista at all will give you a few headaches.

You won't notice any speed increase from running 32 bit apps under 64.

About the only thing I could think of that would necessitate running 64 is large database stuff.
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