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Windows is Dying, Time to Develop for Linux

It's no secret and completley obvious that Windows is dieing and Linux is on the rise. Compare Vista to Ubuntu and Google's Andriod. Look at the multi million dollar adverstisment that Mircosoft put out that didn't help a bit.

Nullsoft has repeated that is developers are exhausted and can not develop for 2 OS's. Fine. But why develop for a OS that is dieing?

The linux community is very prejiduce against Winamp. For really stupid reasons, being that Winamp blows away all the current media players in Linux. The resentment is more because Nullsofts neglect to the Linux community. The longer Nullsoft waits, the less chance it has in establishing Winamp in the Linux community as it has done in the Windows community.

It's time Nullsoft stop developing Winamp for Windows and develop it for Linux.

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