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they know and its not like they didn't try.. lookup the winamp3 project.

i'm guessing money for the business is based on marketshare, since windows has the most market share(over 90% of machines) it's the only OS worth developing for, other operating systems don't bring in money.

winamp would have to be re-written from scratch for a linux version to be usable, this would break plugin and skin compatibility... and winamp wouldn't exactly be winamp without skins and plugins.

this has been answered heaps of times, and with only 1 main developer, its not physically possible to rewrite winamp from scratch and including all the current functions of the modern winamp.

please feel free to nag aol to give nullsoft more money, maybe wasabi can be brought back to life.

or maybe you can help develop wasabi into an open source winamp3 which would be mad.
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