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I guess most of you vista haters havn't used it more than a few days! - Your fault!
Vista is an huge improvement to XP. Just take a look at Windows Explorer - it is much more user friendly than the one in XP. OK the startmenu is a bit a pita, but i use Launchy instead and Windows7 will have the same one. In addition Windows7 is no new Windows Version! It is Windows6.1 based on the Vista kernel w/ some additions.

Moreover just because Vista isn't sold as good it doesn't mean Windows will get a decline in UserRate. And if you compare Vista to XP: I knew a lot of peeps that did not install XP till it was 2 years old, using the same arguments as the Vista-haters have now.

As for good players under linux: I prefer exaile if i am not running Winamp in VirtualBox -

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