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Please no slurs against spelling/grammar. We have many users whose first language is not English. Let's face it English has illogical spelling, and the world's largest dictionary, but despite that one can communicate very well even in broken English.

The arguments against Linux are compelling because most personal machines are Windows based. The majority of large research machines are Linux based, but they are not used primarily as personal computers. If Linux suddenly took off and grabbed a huge share of the market, then many programs would be ported.

The big advantage of Winamp is that I can use its features as a base to make a player that does almost exactly what I want. I have not seen any players that can do this, and I have not seen any players that can satisfy our needs other than Winamp. We are using it as a simple easy to use player for computer novices to program a night of dancing. There are other groups who are likewise using it with my skin.

Actually, if one were to take a page from nature we should have many operating systems all of which provide interoperability, but with different guts. This would provide us with much more immunity from viruses, just as genetic diversity protects species from extinction. But that has not happened! So we live with a unitary operating system, on a small base of processors.

And I have not had good experiences with Macs, or Apple's philosophy, but that is my prejudice. I don't like iTunes!!!
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