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Playlist generator does not recognize all the files in my library

Winamp 5.551 ( - clean install (with NO 3rd-party plugins)
Skin: Bento, but probably does not matter
Windows Vista 64-bit SP1
HP dv7-1132nr, specs here
ATI Radeon 3200HD, Driver version 9.3
IDT integrated audio card, Driver version unknown to me
DirectX version 10
Plugin ml_plg.dll - Playlist Generator

I have been trying to get this plugin to work for the past week. I performed the original scan and it detected all 9145 tracks in my library, read the metadata of all them, but once it reached the analysis step, the tracks had been cut down to somewhere just over 5000. I thought this just may have been from my live music, which was in flac format, but I could generate playlists with those files in them too. Eventually I got the "playlist generator failed to initialize" so I had to rescan my library. This scan, however, came up with only 403 tracks to analyze, of the original 9145 scanned. Even after a clean reinstall, I still get random numbers for the analysis step.

I don't know much about how this plugin works, but I think it should definitely notice more than that many as viable tracks for playlist generation. I also won't mind throwing in a screenshot if necessary, although all I told you is just about it. There aren't any other errors that I receive, nor do I know if I can constantly reproduce the situation, as it seems to change.
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