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Read the "Winamp 5.xx Released" thread in the Winamp Discussions forum first.
If it's not mentioned in the changelog there, then it's not in.

v5.551 & v5.552 are just minor security patch releases for 5.55

The next proper upgrade will (probably) be 5.56

Also note that it's not a simple fix for your 'replaygain bug' because those files are actually 3gp files, not standard m4a/aac files, and we only have limited support for 3gp at the moment.

We attempted to implement better support (in the current internal 5.56 beta builds), but it caused more problems, so we've reverted it until we can find a better/different solution.

ps. I've no idea what's causing your (newly reported) gen_ff crash, or even what it's about.
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