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Winamp 5.552
Language Pack: None
Clean install with no 3rd party plugins
Minimal install (only the audio&video playback plugins and the DirectSound output plugin, which is mandatory).

OS: Windows XP SP3
Locale: English US
Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio
DirectX 9.0c

A volume control issue when playing flv files: start playing a flv file and set the winamp volume to a low setting (just to softly hear the song); close winamp; start it again by playing the flv file (double click it); winamp will play the song at a higher volume than the current setting (or more probably, the current volume setting in adobe flash player); clicking the winamp volume button at the current position (don't move it) will reset the volume intensity to the correct (selected) setting.

flv files used for tests (save them from the browser cache):
others: check youtube

Interestingly, the winamp volume control is not bugged when playing flv1 when using the beta 5.55 2353 en-us. Also, with this beta, and only when playing flv1, I can use my favorite DSP plugin (Enhancer 0.17). The current final version and all other (older) final versions fail on all tested flv files on proper volume control and Enhancer has no effect (including flv1). When the volume control is bugged and Enhancer is not having an effect, by checking the DirectSound Output plugin, I see that it reports "not active" in the Status tab.
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