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Forth of July.

The 4th of July is coming this weekend and I have stockpiled my supply of illegal fireworks, put out a chain for capturing dogs that are heading for the hills, have conditioned by dog by setting a few fireworks off right in front of her, so that she won't freak. I almost always end up returning one or two that freaked out and ran away from home.

I always thought it was stupid to hide your dog from fireworks. I set em off right in front of them so that they know it's nothing to worry about. The only one I could never get to not freak out was "Bonnie" an irish setter. She was about would up anyway. If you haven't conditioned your dog, I'll remind you to keep tabs on them.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, soda pop and beer. I'll be going out to Banks to watch the demolition derby on the 4th since the city chimped out on providing a fireworks display.

Happy 4th. Up the rebels, down with the British!
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