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Interestingly enough...after reading through this entire post I decided to try the "changing the mouse settings by changing to ANOTHER model of mouse different from the one you have". Sure enough, I tried a variety of different mice from the Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 and I finally found one that worked for me! I changed finally to the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000...sure it's completely not the same mouse, and some of the other settings did different errors than the weird down-scrolling problem on the 5000 model, but so far, the 8000 model is soooo good. So try that! If you have the 5000 series or another, try the Wireless Lase Mouse 8000 setting, pic should be of a silver colored mouse, and maybe it will work for you! Stupid crummy MS software messing things up.

Kudos, and good luck to all!
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