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Originally posted by Raa
Nah you can't do that, however tempting it might sound :P

Funny idea though
Personally, i'd just prefer the bug to be fixed! That way, everyone is happy!

I don't have any Intellipoint installed. Pure vanilla Windows 7. It's possible W7 comes with some basic drivers - borrowed from Intellipoint - preinstalled or the drivers are similar in behaviour.

But it seems a bug in the driver and how Winamp is interpreting the comands. Unless some senior people in this forum can replicate the problem there will be hardly a fix since You can't expect any fixes from Microsoft (= use WMP or WMC instead)

One could also try to delete all drivers from Microsoft and replace them with Logitech drivers. Just try to see what happens. But Logitech had a nasty problem of resetting the mouse speed to neutral on every boot...Anyway, this is off topic. But I will try it once I get to the point of frustration with Winamp that I can't bear in anymore.

Right now I am using Arrow keys on keyboard or Shutte Xpress which simulates different behaviors so I can get around it.

I wonder if Microsoft Multimedia keyboard has the same problem?
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