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Relatve path

Hello from a newbie ! This is my first post and I apologize if my question has been already posted in the past. In thsi case any reference to that thread will be appreciated.

Using one of the examples of the distribution I was quickly able to set up an installation program that writes files in many directories below $INSTDIR.
Setting the output path with

File *.something

File *.something_else

It works fine. But now I have to put some files in a directory which is above $INSTDIR and I can't guess how to do.

Let's say that $INSTDIR has been set to "C:\myapp\myapp_folder"
how to set the output to "C:\myapp" and create a directory there ?
I couldn't find any reference in the doc about how to parse $INSTDIR content to build
the full path I need.

Any suggestion ??
Thanks a lot !

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