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Yeah, I used to bid stuff in a super clean, nice truck and haul out the power wagon to do the job. Then you'd hide it so it didn't look like Jed was moving in... If somebody wanted to borrow my beater, I'd just toss em the keys. Not so with the nice truck. I'd leave the nice truck parked at the job. It had a sign. Of course very clean and fire engine red. That's basically what the new truck was. An $11,000 sign. It did haul some light stuff, but that wasn't it's job. It was to sit there and look pretty. I figured out it was easier to go and sell jobs in a nice, shiny, detailed red pickup, with my jeans and matching red flannel shirt. What would have been impossible is keeping that truck clean and using it for work.

I always had a clean flannel shirt and a clean t-shirt.... and a shiny red truck.

Had a show to do.

For what you paid for your Toyota, I probably could have come up with 4 work trucks and a pretty decent car. What is neat about new cars is that they are new. You've got about 40,000 miles of that. I'd be using it sparingly.

I'd like to have a Subaru WRX. But if I bought one, it might get 2000 miles a year on Sunday. Buy something cool and then leave it out for people to put door dings all over it... run into it... no thanks....

But it would be cool on nice days for some country roads or some freeway trips. Did I need a $40,000 ricer to get to the store?

With your commute, I'd be looking at a $4000 eco-popper to get me to and from work and only haul the truck out if you had to or really wanted to. Maintenance on trucks is killer... brakes, tires and shocks mostly. You could probably pay for an eco-popper just from taking miles off the truck. It's nice to run something where a set of tires is $150 and brakes are $20 if you gotta put a lot of miles on something.

I'm old and kinda broke. I decided I liked eating, I liked ~$1000 a year I took off the bills from riding a bike for short hops. I even bought commie CF lights. Maybe it's making me funny in the head. I heard Nancy Pelosi say something I agreed with today.

I think buying new rigs is kind of pissing away money. Driving them is as expensive.

I like a nice rig, but the main thing is that I put my butt in the seat and it goes where I want. The rest is really secondary. I get more jazzed about bicycles.

It's also just one of those things about life. It's much better to have a broken car you own than one you're paying on. It's much better to be out work with no car payment.

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