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You know, it's funny... I often had to actively search for a date when single, but while married I've had more offers than I can count, mostly by people that know I'm married. I just don't get it.

Another odd thing... I get more attention when I'm a total mess than when I'm cleaned up. I could have scratched up arms, pine tar and sawdust in my messy hair, grimy sweat gluing what's left of my shirt to me, chainsaw bar oil and all sorts of other stains on my 2-decade-old clothes, 3 day shaveless chin, and an overall foul-mood look on my face when ordering a workday-end beer. That's for some reason attractive, and yet if I'm cleaned up like I'm coming home from work as a school counselor wearing a preppy sweater vest, long-sleeve dress-shirt/tie, pressed, creased slacks, clean shave, hair done well, in a good mood, etc. going to the same bar, no one really pays attention. Very strange.

When I do get the attention/offers, most of it I take as compliments; after all a guy can't help but enjoy a little harmless flirting, but in some cases it goes too far and I have to end the conversation.

In worse cases, some of the earlier cases, offers were even from the same exact gals that didn't seem very interested when I was single. To hell with them. They see how happy Renee is and how we live our lives including our education, jobs, the homes, and the family we have created, something they didn't believe I was capable of back in the single days. They had their chances, and thankfully they turned me down or I would have never met Renee. I just got really frustrated when they repeatedly expected me to give them another chance when I was already committed to my wife. Maybe satisfying poetic justice at first, but very aggravating to both my wife and me when it didn't seem to want to end. Luckily that kind of stuff from old contacts has finally tapered away.

I don't get out much anymore except in the summer meaning I don't get as much of that, and even then if I get approached I just assert the "thanks but no thanks" approach.

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