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I am a far too simple creature to dissemble. If I lied, cheated or stole, I'd have to remember what I lied about. That would task my intellect, and I only have 50-60 remaining brain cells.

You might have seen another post I wrote about love letters from my folks. My dad was also a simple man. I'm sure he never cheated on my mom. Why? It would create drama. Personally, I hate drama. Just scratch me behind the ear once in a while and give me a kiss. I'm pawned.

I think men are, or want to be, very simple creatures. Loyalty, simplicity, plain talk. Better than a dog if you know how to train one.

Women are more complex. One guess against another. Almost paranoid. Own's us and doesn't know it. Looking for intrigue when there isn't any.

Hell, if we did have any intrigue, our testosterone would make us too stupid to pull it off. So we remain your servants ladies. We'd rather do what you wanted than think. If you "push the envelope" and make us think, that's a bad thing.

Men do only want "one thing". Loyalty and one less thing to think about.

Catch me if I fall.

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