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These are a lot of links. And I am not informed enough about what is happening in America. I have to do already enough with the news what is happening in Germany.

I am against the patriarchy, but I am also against a matriarchy. The boys and girls are educated differently very often, but fortunately as adults they don't have to do, what the parents have dictated.

I didn't say, that all men would be interested in rapes. Many men are doing that, also at home, but the most men don't. Fortunately the most marriages are harmonizing.

I learned to know many people. 2 women had said, that I never should marry a man, but later they accepted our wedding. 1 of the 2 women doesn't trust the men, she never did that.

I didn't want to talk about religions, but I had to mention the problems for women in Islamic countries. In the past also in Germany the patriarchy had dominated. We have the Protestant and the Catholic church. 1966 I was baptized as a Protestant, but 1994 I had left the church, because I had been disappointed by the church so many times. A human can pray also at home and doesn't have to go into the church. I myself don't like prayers at the dining table, fortunately my parents didn't do that. Frank himself was never baptized. But we accept, that many people are going to the church.

The multicultural fashion trend is very good. While many women wear short hair in the times of today (I myself would never do that), I see many men with long hair, although maybe some parents, grandparents, uncles or aunts don't like that. But these men do, what they want, and that's very good.

I don't belong to the feminists, I also don't belong to the extremists. I just want to have my freedom and I want to make my own decisions. Fortunately Frank lets me do that.

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