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My English is not so perfect, and I would need very much time to read that all. And next week I will have many stress.

But I remember, I had known another women from 2000 until 2002. I was really glad, when I didn't see her anymore. She was gay and very anti-men, and when I began to talk about Frank, suddenly she said only bad things about him, although she didn't know him. She was very unfriendly to other people generally. I had known also a man, who was gay and very misogynistic.

Whether a person is very nice or very rude, very good-natured or very nasty, that is not dependent on gender and age.

PS, the elephants are very matriarchal, also young male elephants are often not accepted by the lead animal. The young female Matibi in Berlin was accepted, but not the young male Tutume. Tutume had been brought to another zoo much earlier than it had been planned. Later also Matibi had been brought to the other zoo, and the young elephants came together again...

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