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you have to provide proper reasons why you dislike Yanni, I can understand Kenny G, but Yanni? His not that bad.

Plus I am glad more people are participating in this thread.

Hope you don't mind Xara, but your magnetic title sounds very interesting, here is my try at doing it.

: Feel Miracle, Cry (Izchan Version)
Have you seen a miracle
as miracolous as time
Can you feel its pain
Can you hear its cry
As it beats onwards
moving towards an imaginery line
forever chasing a mirage
untill eternity dies
The whole poem is talking about time and how it keeps going on without stopping.

It is a bit short, but that's all I can come out for now.

don't worry Xara, all you need to do is relax and enjoy life, inspiration comes to those who lives in them.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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