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again, sorry for taking so long to post again, but everytime i do get achance to come back, its inspiring. those aresome amazing poems, people, even if my feeble attempas cant compare, its still wonderful to just come here and read them. well, ill go ahead and post another, hopefully some more soon.

Seeing Beyond My of Reach

There are no stars
On this dark night
Only black clouds
Devoid of light
I see no one else
Nothing in my sight
The darkness creeps
closer to my soul, my inner light
It reflects all help
Its poison, bitter bite
Nothing gets through
The eternal blight
I try to escape it
Its an endless fight
Its just too powerful
Causing me fright
I attack at it
With all my might
But i always lose
It makes me small
I cant compare to its height
It always grows
Ill never be alright
In my future
there is nothing bright
Eternal darkness
Ive choosen in spite
Found loved ones
And found friends too
But I make myself suffer
For the things that I do
Cant forgive myself
For my constant mistakes
Just pulls me further down
Till my heart breaks
No way out of this hole
Its a bottomless pit
Ill just curl in a ball
And remain here and sit
My soul feels empty
It aches from my pain
Cant avoid all this hurt
Refuse to complain
Ill carry my worries
and problems on my own
I wont burden others
Ill carry it alone
I just bring problems for people
I just hurt them all
It makes me weep to think about it
From bloodshot eyes, hot tears fall
Why cant I let go
Of all of this
Theres so much in life
That it makes me miss
I found my love
And dont want to lose her
But I distance myself
Its all such a blur
I make new walls
Every single day
For all of my barricades
I will certainly pay
I cant find in myself
A sense of self-worth
A meaning for being
On this planet Earth
Ive lost my path
I need to find direction
I need to find my way
Infinite roads at the intersection
Is there one path that is better
Or are they all the same?
Will one bring me joy
And the rest bring me pain?
I'll just continue on
As I always have done
Looking to the East
And the rising sun
I will find a meaning in life
And happiness too
Its right in front of me
I just have to let it through
What I want to attain
Is just beyond my reach
I can see what I want
Like a distant beach
Ill just keep going
Ill never lose hope again
While others have faith in me
Ill find my future, but i dont know when

Bound by chain of dwarven magic, A tale of trickery, long and tragic,
Sword in jaw, awaiting the day, Ragnarok, when all gods shall pay

Jesus-half brother.
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