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Sorry for all the dark poems but my doc says its best to release them all by writing
Forgotten Soul by Lee

My life, my wife are all gone,
Including the kids I've spawned,
Am I the only person here,
Could this be the first time that I feel fear?

I wander this desolate place,
With a look of despair on my face,
I've no place to go,
As my skin goes numb with cold.

I try to warm myself up,
I start coughing blood like a sick pup,
Why am I here?
Is my death near?

I can't feel myself anymore,
My breathing has become a chore,
My eyes are turning gray,
I want my life to end today.

But I know it can't happen this way,
It can't, there must be a price to pay,
I must be paranoid or dreaming,
Just that this dream isn't kidding.

So I'm stuck here in this parallel universe,
Wondering the cold streets looking for a way out,
Why am I cursed!?
No one can't hear my screams or shouts.

My whole body quivers as its turned to stone,
I guess this is how it feels to be alone,
A stone block embedded into a wall,
No one here to hear my cries or calls.

This is a nice way to die,
Can't talk, move, or cry,
I await the light to appear before my eyes,
As my soul leaves and this body dies.

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