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I wrote this for all those times that I've been unable to cry... even when someone was murdered, or when my heart was broken, or when I've done something terrible. I can cry now, but I guess I wrote this as a memento. Or as a 'just in case'

Tear Shop

There's a tear shop around the corner
I stop in now and again
But sometimes they run out of tears
Because the world cries within

And so I'm rendered tearless
In the wicked depth of pain
The world cries out rivers
I drown in heartless shame

Why can't I buy my tear drops
From a store across the street?
I guess they don't take money...
I peel onions in defeat

I need to cry my sorrow
Or scream at the top of my lungs
But I just store up everything
A vicious circle's begun

Maybe I'll sell my unused tears
But what would I sell them for?
Maybe they'll give me my soul back
And I'll be able to cry some more

But all of my tears would be gone
And what could I do then?
I guess I'll keep on storing them
And hope for a soul again
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