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I know how you feel wildse. I had that problem...didn't cry for like 8 years cause my parents taught me not to cry. The doc says crying is OK now so I can let my tears flow.
Midnight Girl

The girl of midnight, comes if she wants to,
With her everflowing grace and beauty,
That men swoon and fall in paralysis,
Except me, I'm the only one that lived
To tell of the story.

She got her name because of her eyes,
Purple tint, with a glimmer of blue,
Only can be seen of her during the day,
Her face, smooth as silk,
And a creamy white like milk.

Her strides are brisk but conceptual,
Appears in and out of the landscapes,
Lures men with her swag,
As she walks to one end of the beach,
To the other.

I met her one night,
During a midsummer midnight,
With the moon so high up in the sky,
I saved her from the sea,
Cause she could've died.

Our eyes met, and she uttered a word of thanks,
Her voice, soft and wispery like a calm sea breeze,
That blows in from time to time off the ocean,
I loved her when I first set my eyes upon this maiden,
Only to be broken by a kiss of death.

She faded into the fog that came over the horizon,
I lie there gasping for breath,
But lucky I didn't suffer her vice grip,
Could've left me paralyzed,
And this concludes my story of the elusive
Midnight Girl.

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