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just composed this after reading an email from my gf.


where did i go wrong?
when did things go bad?
when did i lose touch
with all i ever had?
why does my entire world
always get turned upside down?
along with all my happy smiles
that always turn to frowns
we used to talk for hours
could never say goodbye
but has the time now come?
will it make me cry?
what did do this time?
can i fix this thing?
is there any hope at all
or have i broken my wings?
will my soul and heart
ever soar once more?
am i trapped beneath my pain
fallen to the floor?
will i find light within
all that dark, cold frost?
can i find my way through
or am i forever lost?
i hope with all my being
that somehow we will hold
one another in our arms
till we have grown old
if our paths do part
here and now forever
part of me shall wither
but ill pull myself together
ill be strong still
in the face of deepest pain
ill strive onward still
though ill never be whole again

Bound by chain of dwarven magic, A tale of trickery, long and tragic,
Sword in jaw, awaiting the day, Ragnarok, when all gods shall pay

Jesus-half brother.
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