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I go to sleep for a couple of days, and the poetry thread goes to PAGE 16 ... ... thank you people for keeping this thread so interesting for so long.

As for all of you with a problem with your other half. well ... as one of my best friend says it ... "if it ain't yours, it ain't yours."

thus here is the poem for it ..

If it ain't yours
I know it hurts
I know you will rather die
but sometimes that is just the way it is
even if it ends without a smile

Of course we love happy ever afters
we love to think that endings never come
yet sad but true in our world
even the best will loose sometimes

So if it ain't yours
know that it ain't yours
and move on to other things
just remember that one day
your chance will come
grab it and understand
you will be doing it again
that is the cycle
that is the way
that is life since time began

after going through atleast 5 excrutiating, heartbreaking, financial crippling relationship, I can safely tell you this, it was good while they lasted, and I learn and grew with everyone of them. Ultimately, they all train me to be someone better for the next one coming. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to make atleast one of them happy before I die.

In my 6th relationship now .. been 2 years and going. Preparing to propose coming april ... hopefully, I don't need to pay alimony.


Sometimes it is just being me that counts
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