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Alan. Thanks for the kind words.

If I can give you anything from my experience with these relationship i have, there is one thing that I know. Don't try to figure out anything, just go and meet someone and then enjoy yourself. I am not saying you should not have any expectations or worst yet, suggesting you to have one night stands. What I mean is that you can't figure everything withing relationships. Because everyone of them is different. They are like eggs, all of them may look the same, but in reality everyone of them are unique and requires different kind of attentions.

Just go and meet someone, then ask yourself, can I spend the rest of my life with her/him, depending on your personal taste. Now most people will tell you that it is just your FIRST DATE!!! why should you bother with this question? Well, my answer is this, if you don't think about it in your first date, you will NEVER think about it. It is a phycological thing.

If you can't commit the first time, chances are that you can't commit later on either. Even if you do, you will seldom do it willingly with all your heart.

That said, this discussion should be done on a more specific thread .. .. maybe you can start one ... .. just for fun.

Here is my contribution for today

: So they say
So they say
love is many things
it is heaven and hell
both in one body
you can live and die by it
burn and heal with it
yet most of all
you will loose your soul in it
or so they say

Some might tell you
don't be stupid
why kill yourself with it
just pull the trigger of a gun
clean and no pain to ponder
why the heartache
broken up in pieces
for something that is intangible
that can't be held within your hands
yet kill as swiftly as any weapon
like no pain you have felt before
better off alone in the dark
or so some might say

And there is the truth
it is neither happy nor sad
just something that two souls share
nothing real but bonds that is true
holding two individuals in a dance
waltzing through life together
sometimes as one, sometimes neither
but that is what relationships are
two souls plating a single part
in the grand play of life
like all things in life
there are ups and downs
good and bads
happiness and sadness
two sides of a coin
yet a coin none the less
or so the truth says

You decide on what is best
for you and your life today
let no one say otherwise
for in the end
you are the one that decides
how you live your life

Now that is the short version of the long version of a thread on love. there is no difinate answer, only experiences of individuals and feelings that is unable to be aritculated.

You can life and die by it, yet the world will still go on, regardless of what you decide. For life is more than just love of two individuals, for life is love itself. or so they tell me.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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