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Nice poems everyone....and good luck isaac also...

Away From This Place

There was a time when I could wash away the lies.
A time when I held the sun within my eyes.
You stood so close I could taste the hope you held.
It drew me out, pulled me from the place I dwelled.

But as time ran away I began to rust.
Then time tainted you and turned it all to dust.
Now the angels fall dead in a sky condemned to cry.
You clipped my wings. Sending me burning from the sky.

I fall apart. I fall from grace.
I could never be anything in this place.
I'm losing time. This loss I've found.
I'm burning, I'm dieing. I'm breaking down.

Like the stars I feel you drifting away.
And I give into despair as night steals day.
Bleeding on the whole I shed all my tears.
I feel I'm falling apart. Giving into my fears.

There was nothing you could want in me.
So I walk away. Let myself die in the sea.
Now my sun sets harshly as the sky gives way to night.
And my blood runs cold as I give up the fight.

There's no hope in me. No chance to hold on.
I feel so lost now that your gone.
Now I'm here lonely, as I'm left behind.
You were everything I could hope to find.

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