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Lee, that is I think one of the best poems I have read since the thread began. It really struck a chord inside me. The essense of the feeling that I have for my love is sung by your words so precisely. I am almost in tears ... ... almost.

Here is today's poem

: Angels Confession
I could have said something
but I did not
because I know the truth in it
all I could do was watch
as time take its toll
and lives walk away

Some might say that I was heartless
and most will say I am evil
yet no one will ever know
the pain I hold within
when I sat silently
letting you do the things you do
knowing that the day will come
and you will walk away from it all

Why did I do the things I did?
Why did I not stop it from happening?
Why must the sadness be done?
Blame it on me if it makes it better
but ultimately you will come to accept
that nothing I do would have changed
the destiny that you have chose
my only gifts are the silent prayers
that I give to you every minute of my life
the unseen strength that I share freely

Maybe one day
GOD will have mercy upon me
and take this responsibility from me
blind me from what I see today
let me be just another dust
rather than a soul that knows and feels
it is so painful to be me these days
yet go on I shall
for I know if I don't, no one will
for you or for me
I will be your invisible angel
through thick and thin
I will love you unconditionally


Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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