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Thankyou that makes me feel really good speaking of angels ...

Last Breath of Life
by Janet James

Step by step they walk, a woman holding the hand of a little girl. Slowly they get closer and closer to the top. The little girl grasps the women’s hand knowing she will keep her safe on this journey on which they travel, the women keeping the girl safe from harm never letting her out of her sight.

“How far now are we from our destination?” The girl says in a serene contemplative voice.

“Closer than you would like to be,” the women replies.

“Why would you say such a thing? I want to be there now!” The girl sternly says.

The women stops, looks into the girls eyes and says: “we will be there soon enough. Yes, this travel is a hard and long one full with many obstacles. But when you finally get there you’ll say it was too short and wish to start over.”

Taking what she said into consideration the girl nods, smiles, and is on her way, keeping close by the women’s side so not to lose her way. As they approach the final steps the girl tells the women she doesn’t want her to leave, that she was there through the rough times and never let her fall or stray from the path that laid ahead.

Looking over at the women for the last time, she opens the door of eternity realizing that the trip was too short. She took for granted all the help she received and the love she was given… but it is too late now to change the past all that is left is to walk through the door leading her to that last breath of life.

actually written a while ago but im not sure when so I just put todays date
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