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Thanks izzy, btw..wb athene, words can't describe your first poem as in good flow? anyways here's today's contribution:

Inner Child of Mine by Lee

Look in these eyes of mine, you'll see the dark
That little space inside my heart
The darkest side witholds the light
The light that brightens me inside.

Angels don't fly, they have no wings,
It is another of those things,
That we make up,
That we believe
The real thing is not what we conceive.

You don't know
I won't let you see me,
I will hide, I will lie
As true as can be,
You just don't have,
What it would take,
To be a part of me.

The darkest side witholds the light,
The light that shines so bright,
You can't deny,
That I have lied.

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