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I am forever grateful for the support you all give to this thread.

Athene you will always be my angel. Believe me so ...

Lee, thanks for your complement.
Ian ... it has been some time since the last poem .. don't keep us in suspense for too long ...

Hamylde, nice start ... can't wait to read the rest of it.

Well ... it is been some time since my last post ... .. a few days ...

Todays work.

: And then what?
So here we are
living in complexity
thinking in simplicity
dying in obscurity
where nothing last forever
yet forever is what we strive
why do we even bother
is there not more to life

Working hard to change
I question life's meaning
if not for something bigger
what keeps me from crying
I wish I can say something
that will ease the pain
but the truth is blind
as the anwer is this
there is nothing in the beginning
and there will be nothing in the end
so why fight reality
just leave the way we came

Not one of my best, but it is the constant thing that is within my mind these days.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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