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What the hell am I suppose to do?
I don’t know if it’s me, but I can’t take a clue
The one girl I don’t like for her body
Shows no interest, so I’m just another Nobody

I was crazy to think this could work
And I was crazy about her, now I seem like a stalker jerk
It’s just another wasted Saturday night
Well at least we’re no involved in a fight

I’ll never get the chance to know why I like her
Never to know why she was the girl I did prefer
La la la I just can’t get her out of my head
Should I just aim lower instead?

Wasting time with paper and a pencil
Wondering if my emotions are tensile
Just writing down what I feel
This whole thing seems so surreal

Just where should I go?
Especially when all I get is a “no”
She says she has plans
Should I just give up and join more clans?

I could see myself chasing her tell I graduate
Could be the rest of my life for just one date
All I think about is “you”
But, what the hell am I suppose to do?

By: Lyle Wilson
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