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It has been sometime since my last post.
Have been lost in the sea for the pass 2 weeks ... ... yes cruising the south china sea.

Here is my contribution for the day.

: Your version of my life
What it means to walk away
I would say it represent liberty
to no longer care about the consequences
not bothered with the end of day

I do not wish to sound so passive
yet that is where you have lead me to
no more thinking about your future
tommorow is not mine to ponder

Everything in which I do for you
was never seen to be part of your life
I am but some wind passing by
felt and forgotten in a second
so now I say to you goodbye
I am no longer staying for the sign
of you leaving me high and dry
saying this in the end
"Hey that's life"

The cruise have put a lot of things into perspective. My goal and priorities is again set straight.

Enjoy the poem.

Sometimes it is just being me that counts
By: izchan
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